Sweet Potato, Quinoa and Corn Pattie


Makes 8 large patties

 ¼ x cup dried quinoa
4 x cups grated raw sweet potato
1 x brown onion sliced in half and then sliced thinly
2 x garlic cloves crushed
2 x fresh corn on cobs
1 x cup coriander, chopped
1 x cup almond meal or breadcrumbs
2 x eggs
3 x tbsp cottage cheese (optional)
Olive oil


  • Wrap corn cobs in tin foil and roast for 30 minutes, wait until cooled and then cut kernels from husk. Set aside.
  • Cook quinoa in 2 cups of water until absorbed, put aside to cool.
  • Pan fry onions and garlic until soft, add in sweet potato and stir for 5 minutes until soften. Put aside to cool.
  • Once everything is cool, combine; corn, quinoa, sweet potato mix, egg, almond meal and cottage cheese if using.
  • Heat pan and add in 2 tbsp oil, form patties in your hand and place in the pan, using a spatula flatten pattie out and cook for about 4-6 minutes each side until formed a crust. Turn and do the same to the other side

N.B you can serve immediately or if you would like to prep in advance place pan fried patties in a baking tray and when ready to serve heat for 10 minutes in a fan forced oven at 180 degrees.



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