Lovely Lasagne

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Last night I attempted my first ever lasagne. Pretty crazy considering I’m 28 years old and I love cooking all different things but I think that is where I was at with a good old, trusty, winter warming lasagne. To me it was just boring.

I have watched my husband on a couple of occasions attempt this mean feat of a lasagne where he has had the meat and sauce bubbling away for hours, the white sauce is measured to perfection and tweaked and sprinkled with nutmeg and only the best parmesan cheese was to be used! My darling husband does not react well when things he makes goes wrong. I have told him on so many different occasions that I am the cook of the house and he is the baker! I have NO patience what so ever to measure out exact amounts of flour to ratio’s of sugar or even to the point of separating egg yolks from whites…….but I can however create a wonderfully tasty, satisfying and amazing dish from taste testing the whole way through and making it my own.

So last night I decided to take on the lasagne. Reason, if I’m completely honest, was that I needed something to cook all afternoon to warm my house up and we had both lamb and Angus beef mince in the freezer so I was already winning!

I defrosted the mince and chopped up the onion and garlic. I just LOVE the smell of frying onion and garlic together so delicious and gets those sense tingling! In went the meat and following that pretty much everything else! I measured the wine out at one cup and then decided it could do with a glug more – this was after I had had a glass to myself!! I simmered it away until all the liquid had disappeared and I made my white sauce along side on the stove top.  

I used gluten free lasagne sheets which was lovely but needed more cooking time and therefore I would just suggest using normal sheets unless your gluten intolerant and if that’s the case leave a little more liquid in the sauce it’s self so I can cook through!

I added a whole bag of baby spinach and wilted that down in the meat mixture as I knew Brad would decline veggies with his lasagne.

It was pretty delicious and I’m pleased I can now add lasagne to my repertoire!!

You will find the recipe under Soups, breads and pastas tab J