Men and Meat

The first time I attempted a risotto I chose to keep it easy. As my husband kept saying, “isn’t this the dish that everyone is petrified by on those cooking shows you love?” He had a point, no-one has ever said they “love making a risotto” and no-one on my beloved cooking shows has ever come close to perfection! So it was a big challenge but I felt positive that I could pull it off.

I got everything set up and prepared and gradually added my stock to the rice. One word of advice on this……don’t think about cooking a risotto if you are hungry… takes a while!

When I finally got the rice perfect and all my stock had been absorbed, I ladled the risotto into my warmed bowls and served it to Brad. I watched as my husband picked his fork up and progressed to moving the risotto around his plate. After about two minutes I piped up and asked if everything was OK? to which Brad replied “where is the meat?”

Now this leads me into the real aspect of this post. What is it with men and meat? Why are vegetables to foreign to men? Why are vegetarian men deemed weaker then meat eating men?


I did some research on the cavemen diet. The paleolithic diet (abbreviated paleo diet or paleodiet) is a modern nutritional plan based on the presumed ancient diet of wild plants and animals that various hominid species habitually consumed during the Paleolithic era—a period of about 2.5 million years which ended around 10,000 years ago with the development of agriculture and grain-based diets. In common usage, such terms as “paleolithic diet” also refer to the actual ancestral human diet

So what is with this great need for meat with every meal? Even breakfast! Go to McDonalds and your breakfast muffins are egg with bacon or egg with sausage! What about just egg?? Yes, I know you can request it, or even opt for the pancakes and maple syrup but still, when did every meal of the day have to contain meat?

I understand those of you who are going to talk to me about the protein in meat, but I get loads of protein from a hard boiled egg after a work out, I do not need to chow down on a steak!

On the flip side of the coin I am concious that I could not make that decision to become vegetarian, nor could I sustain on just fish. I do love a well cooked T-bone, a succulent plump chicken breast, even that naughty pork roast with all the trimming and the best pork, crackling! I wouldn’t say I crave meat, but I sure do enjoy it when it is popped on my plate, or more likely that I have cooked it up and served it!

If cavemen survived on meat and plants around them, why did it become so horrendous to eat vegetables? Plants that are so good for your health have been branded with a taboo of being disgusting? Why? Why are the good things for us so bad? And why do we have this addiction, this need and reliance on eating meat all the time?

My husband does eat my broccoli and blue cheese soup without mentioning at all the word meat, but then I wonder, “is that because it’s a liquid and therefore his brain isn’t registering that this delicious, satisfying dish contains not one ounce of meat?”

I guess we will never get an answer to this (unless there is some scientific research that I have failed to uncover whilst thinking about writing this post!) So enjoy you meat and three veg, your juicy steak and plump chicken breasts. But remember, vegetable are not the enemy, you just think they are!!



Friday, Friday – What to do for dinner?

Friday arrives but this Friday becomes one of those catch twenty two scenarios!

This decision of “what to cook for dinner tonight” is make increasingly harder when I know my beautiful step children are coming for the three weekly stay with us and they are among the fussiest eaters I have EVER come across! Well I should take that back for Katie, at 12 years (going on 21) she is now opening her eyes and opinions to trying new things! I have her now requesting my healthy dishes rather then MacDonald or chicken nuggets! When I offered her the choice of anything for her birthday dinner she opted for my super clean beef stroganoff much to the disappointment of her father thinking she would choose Chinese takeaway!

Her brother on the other hand is still two year behind in the experimental phase of food but I have however converted him to Spinach and Mushrooms. The problem I have with Mitchell is that although he will eat these foods when put in front of him he is still happier to opt for the least healthy option and will not eat these things when his mother cooks them…….cheese for Mitchell is a struggle. He will eat pizza and cheese and bacon rolls but it has taken me over 3 years to get him to have cheese in his toasted sandwiches! That’s right, he would only have ham  between two slices of bread – toasted. He has revised his distaste of cheese by advising me a couple of months ago that he only likes melted cheese now. Well that’s a step forward I guess?!

So what to cook tonight? They both love my chicken enchilada recipe, Tacos and even a good butter chicken. I’d like to try new things with them but after long week in work, the last thing I feel like is slaving over a hot oven for a dish that they “may not” like.

With 8 hours until they are here – watch this space I will either come up with an awesome foodie idea or you will see what Mr Foongs Chinese takeaway has to deliver!