Hubby in the Kitchen

As you are probably aware, I do tend to dominate the kitchen. This is really for a few reasons. 1) I love cooking, 2) I have more patience in the kitchen and 3) I hate washing up and the rule in our house is one person cooks, the other person cleans.

This weekend though ended up a bit of a role reversal with hubby taking to the kitchen and making delicious Banana Bread for morning and afternoon teas and his “to die for” Chicken Kievs (this was my recipe which he has now adapted and claimed as his own!) We had his children stay with us this weekend and that is what they requested, so as any dutiful dad will do – he complied!

In our family Brad is definitely the baker and I am the cook. I just have no patience in the measuring cup and spoon department and yet hubby just takes his time and writes everything down to perfect it even more the next time he does the recipe! He does tend to make me pretty anxious when he is in the kitchen though, so I do tend to stay as far away as I possibly can!


I must take my hat off to Brad though, I think maybe only twice in 5 years of being together has there been a disaster come out of the kitchen, always still edible just maybe not how he expected it to come out and then that makes him cranky. I love my husband to pieces but sometimes his competitive streak gets the better of him!

I really hope you enjoy both the Banana Bread recipe and the “to die for” Chicken Kievs. Brad is getting more involved with my blog now, so I’m sure we will see even more yummy things coming from him in the future!


Cooking with “whatever is in my fridge”

After a lovely but busy weekend attending the football on Friday night courtesy of work and a corporate box and then popping across to Bolwarra for our friends “thank god it’s the end of Dry July” party we were pretty tired and somewhat hung-over for most of yesterday.

I had bought Poussin to cook as our roast dinner but no matter how tempted I was in cooking with these little birds, I just could not find the energy and therefore did not want to disappoint with a half hearted dinner.

Brad was super intent on DVD’s and Maccas so we ended up with that for lunch. He super sized my meal as we got a free glass with a large meal. Not that we need any extra glasses but hell, that’s what my hung-over husband wanted so that’s what he got J  It was a joint decision for dinner. A massive cheese platter, which turns out, other hung-over friends of ours, had reverted too also.


I had already bought the king island blue and brie Thursday as I had been in the shops and they were discounted. YUM this brie is the creamiest brie I have ever had the pleasure of eating!!! Needless to say that was the first cheese finished off the cheese board! The smoked salmon on the board is not a regular feature of our cheese boards, but after our friends Tracy and Bren had cooked up a beautiful eggs Benedict with smoked salmon and avocado for breakfast I was just craving more!

I topped my cheese board off with a beautiful cab sav as my husband sat there in disgust – he tends to have 2-3 day long hangovers……..I’d say he would still be feeling seedy this morning!

In between our maccas lunch and cheese board dinner I did have the time to throw into a pan some onions, garlic, cauliflower, carrots and green beans, cover with stock and water and blitz together “whatever is in my fridge” soup for lunches this week!


Tonight’s dinner is courtesy of a lovely couple who bought over sausages on Sat night for the BBQ. Well, Bren and Trace don’t eat meat so I gladly offered to take them off their hands! So its bangers and mash tonight with a little twist. Onion gravy and wilted spinach! Well you know me, can’t have a dish without some sort of green on it!!!


Friday, Friday – What to do for dinner?

Friday arrives but this Friday becomes one of those catch twenty two scenarios!

This decision of “what to cook for dinner tonight” is make increasingly harder when I know my beautiful step children are coming for the three weekly stay with us and they are among the fussiest eaters I have EVER come across! Well I should take that back for Katie, at 12 years (going on 21) she is now opening her eyes and opinions to trying new things! I have her now requesting my healthy dishes rather then MacDonald or chicken nuggets! When I offered her the choice of anything for her birthday dinner she opted for my super clean beef stroganoff much to the disappointment of her father thinking she would choose Chinese takeaway!

Her brother on the other hand is still two year behind in the experimental phase of food but I have however converted him to Spinach and Mushrooms. The problem I have with Mitchell is that although he will eat these foods when put in front of him he is still happier to opt for the least healthy option and will not eat these things when his mother cooks them…….cheese for Mitchell is a struggle. He will eat pizza and cheese and bacon rolls but it has taken me over 3 years to get him to have cheese in his toasted sandwiches! That’s right, he would only have ham  between two slices of bread – toasted. He has revised his distaste of cheese by advising me a couple of months ago that he only likes melted cheese now. Well that’s a step forward I guess?!

So what to cook tonight? They both love my chicken enchilada recipe, Tacos and even a good butter chicken. I’d like to try new things with them but after long week in work, the last thing I feel like is slaving over a hot oven for a dish that they “may not” like.

With 8 hours until they are here – watch this space I will either come up with an awesome foodie idea or you will see what Mr Foongs Chinese takeaway has to deliver!