4 Years Married

Last weekend hubby and I celebrated our 4th year wedding anniversary. We weren’t sure what we were going to do for it but that all changed when earlier this year we saw the adverts for the Michael Jackson – Cirque Du Soliel concert two days after our anniversary. It couldn’t have been better timing!

My bestie V and her Boyfriend also wanted to come to the show so we booked all together and decided to make it a massive weekend of catching up – lots of drinking and eating was scheduled on the agenda!

On Thursday night, V and L turned up at 9:30pm. We managed to consume 2 ½ bottles of wine and 11 beers before we retired at 11:30pm! Whoops!

Waking up a little dusty our adventure started with Macdonalds Breakfast. Once we were filled with grease we jumped into the luxury of my Mazda 6 and had hubby drive us down to Sydney Town.


We arrived at our hotel The four Points – by Sheriton 2 hours before check in but the staff were wonderful and accommodating and just changed our booked in rooms that were still being cleaned for those that were ready for us to dump and run.


By 12:30pm we were sat in the Sunshine outside Cyren in Darling Harbour. Here we started out drinking with lush cold Corona’s and Lime. After two of those went down a little too easily we opted to grab something for lunch. Unfortunately we were that hungry that I forgot to take pictures. Hubby got the Steak sandwich, L had pizza and I got the Angus beef burger. Everything was perfect and everyone was silent which is always a sign of a good feed!






We moved next door to the Watershed bar which is a trusty favourite of mine and Hubbys. Everyone, bar me, grabbed more Corona’s and I opted for a vodka and tonic.

The sun started moving and caused a great nightmare for us girls who were trying to make the most of topping up the tans whilst sitting outside. On the opposite side of Darling Harbour the sun still basked the establishments. We decided to make a move.

After nearly getting run over by a miniature train we ended up at Blackbirds. Happy hour and more importantly Cocktail happy hour started 10 minutes after we arrived and the waiter was very accommodation letting us peruse the “expensive” list until he was able to bring us over the happy hour cocktail and beer list!






We consumed wonderful cocktails and Hubby opted for a few Vodka and Red bulls. The sun still streamed and we stayed there until after 5! We decided to head back to the hotel and get ready for going out that night.

We decided we wanted to check out the hotel’s rooftop bar and boy was it expensive! No pictures but V ended up getting a cocktail for $20 and it consisted mainly of ice……with this in mind we only stayed there for one drink.

We headed out onto Darling Harbour and at this point Brad and I decided we were super hungry and ended up and Casa Di Nico. I managed in my drunken state to take a picture of the actual restaurant but non of our food – Sorry! We ordered a bread platter for starters and this was nothing to rave about! Then hubby just wanted pepperoni pizza and I opted for Barramundi and a side of fries. This was all delicious and did not cost any more then if we were back home in Newcastle. Winning all around.

We decided to head back to the hotel and get a good nights sleep (as hubby was pretty drunk) so we were in bed by 12am!

The next morning we were up bright and early and met V and L at Baia for Breakfast. This time I remembered to take pictures!

I opted for the corn fritters and avocado salsa,


L for the big breakfast


and V and hubby for the eggs Benedict, one with smoked salmon one with bacon.




The service was so slow and the restaurant was empty – hubby managed to drink two large mug-o-lattes before the food came out. Everyone was pretty disappointed bar me. My corn fritters were yummy and there was so much of them I was super full for the rest of the day.

We decided to talk a walk over to Paddy’s markets to walk of some of breakfast and on the way back grabbed out first beer of the day! We then caught the ferry over to Luna Park and acted like big kids for a couple of hours.






Back at the hotel we changed again and headed out for the circus. Lots of wine and beer was consumed and we had chicken bbq rolls served out of a pub for dinner. Sorry for no picture again!


The next morning we went for breakfast again, this time just hubby and I and we ended up at Blue Fish ….. I ordered the vegetarian breakfast and hubby again the eggs Benedict, he can’t help himself, this is all he has when we go out for breakfast!




We left Sydney at midday and drove home to get the dog from her little holiday away at the vets.

That night we were all hungover and tired so I made a comfort eating lasagne. This and my homemade garlic bread went down a treat!

Thanks for reading and sorry for the lack of picture!