Kangaroo Meatballs


(sorry for the crap picture! I am going to start using my SLR rather then my Iphone!)



500g x Kangaroo Mince
1 x red onion diced
1-2 x birdseye chillis chopped
2 x cloves minced garlic
1/2 x bunch fresh coriander – chopped
1 x egg
1 x cup almond meal
1 x tin low sodium diced tomatoes
1 x tbsp dried oregano
1 x cup fresh basil, roughly chopped
1 x tbsp dried rosemary
1 x cup dry quinoa
1 x cup stock
2 x cup water


  • Combine mince, half the onion, 1 of the garlic cloves, the coriander, the egg and almond meal in a bowl
  • Preheat oven to 180 degrees C
  • Mixture should make three meatballs each – depending on how big you roll them!
  • Line a baking tray with baking paper and place your rolled balls on it.
  • Place meat balls in the oven for 10 minutes and then turn them and cook for a further 10 minutes
  • Meanwhile, clean quinoa and popped into a pan add in 1 cup stock and 2 cups water, bring to the boil and then simmer until liquid is absorbed.
  • in a deep frying pan, fry off remaining garlic and onion, add in the tin of tomatoes and simmer. Place meatballs into mixture and stir to heat through.
  • serve balls on top of quinoa and top with fresh basil

Yummy and super clean!


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