Thai Baked Fish and Stir Fry

O.M.G! This recipe literally rocked both mine and my husbands socks off last night!

I bought some Basa Fish Fillets (thick white fish fillets) and knew that I had ginger and garlic and lemon grass in my fridge so decided to wing a paste out of that! I also cheated ever so slightly with last nights stir fry as i bought a “ready to throw into your Wok” packet as it was reduced! There was no sauce in this though so again out came my imagination!

Serves 2
my pics 008



2 x basa fish fillets or similar thick white fillets
1 x stick of lemon grass – roughly chopped
1 x large garlic clove – cut into 4 pieces
1 x piece of ginger about 8g – half a thumb or to taste
2 x tbsp oil
2 x Tbsp Fish sauce

Stir Fry veggies
2 x tbsp peanut oil
1 x large teaspoon of crushed chillies
1 x tsp of Kaffir Lime Leaves
large glug of soy sauce
Fresh Corriander


  • Preheat oven to 220 degrees
  • In a blender or I used a mortar and pestle, pop in ginger, garlic, chilli, lemon grass, oil and fish sauce and then mush or blend until a lovely sauce/marinade – it doesn’t matter if there are a few lumps!
  • Get two sheets of baking paper (large enough to make a parcel around the fish) place the fish in the parcel and pour on marinade. Wrap up into parcel and leave.
  • Bake for about 15 minutes
  • 5 minutes before the fish is ready, heat wok up to high temperature, add in peanut oil and crushed chillies, stir until fragrant and throw in your veggies. Followed by the Kaffir Lime Leaves
  • Toss well and for about 4-5 minutes – you still want them to be lovely and crunchy.
  • Glug in some soy sauce (to your liking) and serve topped with your baked fish and fresh coriander.



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