Ok, So you are probably thinking why would I put a hot dog recipe on my blog. Hot dogs themselves are pretty self explanatory, whack them in a pan of boiling water for 10 minutes or if you like your kitchen gadgets, like Brad and I, we have a kitchen appliance that is specifically made to steam our hot dogs to perfection!

But a hot dog, in a long bun with sauce is bog standard. One afternoon Brad decided to up the anti with this hot dog deliciousness and formed this recipe. Be warned, once you eat a hot dog like this you will never be able to go back to your bog standard hot dog in a roll!!

my pics 007

Serves 2


4 American style hot dogs, skin on
1 brown onion diced
6 rashers of short cut bacon
Handful of baby spinach (optional)
long bread rolls – (I have one with two sausages in to cut down on eating too much bread!)
2 cups shredded cheese
American Style Mustard
Tomato Sauce
Hot Chilli Sauce


  • Dice up onion and bacon.
  • Bring pan of water to boil and add in your hot dogs.
  • fry up your onion and bacon together (you don’t really need oil as the bacon releases a bit of fat that helps with the cooking)
  • Cut the bread rolls, add in spinach if using, cheese and bacon and onion mixture (better to have it underneath the sausage to prevent spillage!)
  • top roll with hot dogs and mixture of sauces!

You will not be able to speak during or after you have eaten this delicious lunch, dinner or just a darn amazing snack!


3 thoughts on “Hotdogs

    • You could take that one step further with a little bit of grated cheese over the top and finish off under the grill for a few minutes……damn i just dribbled on my desk 🙂

      • LMAO! Sounds amazing! Will definitely try that next time! We try and limit our hotdog intake to one a month!!!!!! It is pretty delicious though!!!! and we do love a bit of grilled cheese!!!!

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