Healthy Pasta Bake

Now I’m sure you’re all wondering how on earth pasta bake can be healthy. Well I guess you would call this a not you average pasta bake with a bit more healthy bits in it!

The idea of a healthy “do it yourself paste bake sauce” came after watching one of those documentaries which tells you all about the sodium and crap that is put into sauces to make them “taste nice” but in fact ruin  your insides.

Brad is a big fan of pasta bakes and I believe this one goes down just as well as a shop bough sauce!!
Healthy Pasta Bake1

1 bag Gluten free spiral pasta.
1 tin diced tomatoes in tomato sauce
1/2 tub sour cream (can be light or full fat – I use the weight watchers one!)
1/2 a brown onion.
2 x chicken breasts diced
10 button mushrooms halved.
1 zuchinni/courgette sliced.
Half a tin of sweetcorn
2 rashers of bacon sliced
Large handful of baby spinach
100g Mozzarella cheese (or cheddar is in your fridge)
Pinch of salt
Olive oil
(and whatever left over veggies or tins of stuff you need to get rid of! What ever takes your fancy!)


1. Because gluten free pasta is known to loose its shape in the cooking process I would blanch it in boiling water for only 5 mins or so – just until its slightly soft. – drain well and put aside.
2. Pre heat oven to 200 degrees and place large baking dish in to warm through.

3. In a hot wok, put oil and onion, followed by chicken and bacon. Once the chicken has some colour to it (remember it doesn’t need to be cooked through as you are putting it in the oven to bake and it will continue cooking in there) all in all remaining veggies (not the spinach).

4. About 5 mins after that, add in you sour cream and tin of tomatoes, baby spinach and pasta and mix thoroughly.

5. Transfer to hot baking dish, top with scattered cheese and bake for 20 mins or until cheese is golden.


Healthy Pasta Bake2


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