Leftovers – keep them or chuck them out?

How often do you catch yourself serving up enough rice to feed a small country or carving up a large roast bought for 3 but could easily feed 7? Do you try and stuff it in so not to waste or do you think about reusing it in a creative left over way or do you just simply throw it out without a care as to who could have enjoyed your hard labour of cooking?

Up until about a year ago I was terrible for cooking far too much rice. Too much to the point that when feeding 2 I could have easily fed 10. I think it’s more about how small it looks initially and then remembering how much it expands after cooking!

I now know just 1 cup of uncooked rice is enough for me and brad and there will be a little left over in case I over do it with the main dish I am serving up with this said rice and therefore I will be able to box it up and freeze it, or Brad will have a scrummy lunch for the following day.

The problem I am finding now though is I have no care about how much I am cooking because “I will just freeze it” but it has transpired that I have had to buy a chest freezer just to contain the “leftovers”. It’s all well and good, and I do it with the best intentions, but because I love cooking so much I struggle to allow myself to partake in one of these mystery boxes that lurk in my freezer.

Well, half the boxes are still mysteries as I finally invested in a label maker and now label my boxes before they get stuffed away in the freezer so I know when they went in and what is actually in the box. Hint: Always put the label on first otherwise you freeze the box and then try you will have an epic fail! Second Hint: If you are unsure as to what is in the mystery box do not take a stab at what it could be, it’ll only make your husband upset having him believe he is having curry and it turns out to be chilli……

So I am now left with this conundrum, I cook and I do every evening try and think of something different to do. I always over cook what I am doing and therefore have to box up my leftovers and yet I can’t bring myself to get them out of the freezer and eat them as I could/should be cooking as I want to!

Does anyone else have this issue? Do you have a freezer full of food that is slowly getting frost burn because no-one is interested in eating your labours of slaving over a hot stove? Do you intentionally cook more with the great idea that you will eat this at another date and yet never do? Or are you able to cook for two and actually only cook for two, have no stray rice hanging out in the sieve?

Somebody please tell me I’m not in this alone!


5 thoughts on “Leftovers – keep them or chuck them out?

  1. Nice post Samy 😊 I am the leftovers king. If I make spaghetti Bol I make enough to have it every day that week for lunch. So all you need to do is set up your version of lite & easy. (Scrummy Yummy ) and sell your leftovers to people like me. No more freezer burn 😊xx

    Patrick Walters
    0417 323 128
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  2. We have only just started cooking enough to freeze and I Iove it! Sometimes we can have frozen meals two or three times a week and it saves so much time after work. We have just purchased a chest freezer so I am excited to be able to fill it up with ready made dinners, plus the lamb and beef I have ordered straight from the farmer. I am keen to get my slow cooker into action again, so will be checking out your recipes. 🙂

  3. Oh, and yes, you definitely need to label the containers. I have no idea what is in the container I brought in for lunch today, it looks tomato based and I can see kidney beann in it….

    • lol! Yes I got my hubby very excited when I told him he was having 1 dish for dinner that night and it turned out to be something completely different. Still tasted good , but soured by the anticipation of something else!! 🙂

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