Work Lunches

When it’s summer here in Australia its so easy to dig into a great salad with some fresh prawns or even a bbq’d chicken. Sometimes all you want is a fruit salad, but in winter all that healthy, refreshing, wonderfully fresh eating goes out of the window when we start craving, warm, satisfying, tastes naughty, kind of food.

Trying to get my wedding, love weight off (i have put on around 12 kilos in 4 years of being with my wonderful hubby) the last thing i want to do is fall into that trap of comfort eating through winter. You can’t get away from the cravings but I am managing to stay away from the trusty toasted sandwich with great soup recipes to satisfy that need.

I have just added into my pasta, soup and bread tab a beautiful and SUPER easy carrot and ginger soup. This soup came about because I had an abundance of carrots in my fridge and they were about to turn.

It’s thick, scrummy and all about healthy and flavour! Give it a whirl!



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